A Summer House/Meny/Orangeriet/She Shed

One of my favorite decorating blogs is Vibeke Design. Vibeke is an interior designer living in Norway & she decorates in a Scandinavian/ vintage style that I love. I belong to her closed Facebook group & upon sharing a photo of my new “She Shed” she told me that it was called a “meny” or “orangeriet” in her country. I looked it up and “orangeriet” in Norwegian means “little house.” That suits me just fine, as I truly wanted it to be a usable extension of our home.

My brother commented that our shed looks like something from Little House on the Prairie. Since then, we’ve been affectionately referring to it as our “Little Schoolhouse Shed.” It even has a little copper cupola. All that’s missing is a cast-iron bell near the front door.

One question I’ve been getting as of late is “What are you going to do with it?” or “What’s the point of having a shed that isn’t for storing lawn mowers and other junk?” Good questions, as I’m still figuring that part out! So far, it is a little potting shed, but I also go in there to read, journal, color (adult coloring books are a lot of fun), listen to music, or just to pray/meditate and clear my head. The shed is right in front of my raised vegetable/herb gardens, so it’s really convenient. In the spring, I’ll start seedlings and make plans for next year’s garden.

That being said, here are the details of my shed:

  • It is 10′ x 16′ .
  • It has a white metal roof & a copper cupola.
  • The siding is board & batten. It’s painted white.
  • It has a 4′ porch.
  • The inside is unfinished, so my husband painted the walls SW Extra White and the floor is painted SW Privilege Green. He also installed a small window A/C unit to keep me cool while potting plants and/or just hanging out.
  • The porch is unpainted, but my husband is painting it white. (We bought our paint from Lowe’s.)
  • We had it custom made from Carolina Storage Solutions in Hendersonville, NC.
  • We do plan to finish the walls/ceiling ourselves eventually.

Now, on to the vegetable garden…

We wanted to keep it manageable, so we planted just a few things. So far, we’ve planted jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, watermelon, pumpkin, and a variety of cooking herbs. Also, catmint because we have a few cats.

My husband built the raised beds himself & painted them black. I read somewhere that if you paint garden fences/beds black, it makes the flowers & foliage really pop. So far, I really like the way it looks.

My hardworking husband. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure!

We also bought a few metal arbors. I am going to plant clematis vines on them & those will be planted soon.

My husband plans to build a few more beds in the spring & he’s also going to put in a picket fence with a garden gate. We will also get rid of the grass and put gravel between all of the beds. Eventually, I want a brick path, but this will be a slow process. 🙂

I’ll close this post with a few pictures of the shed’s interior.



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